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    Mainz University of Applied Sciences is shaping the future of tomorrow and offers a place where socially relevant innovations are created and discourse is conducted between people from all walks of life on relevant innovations. It promotes applied research with a focus on innovative solutions for economic and social challenges through transdisciplinary thinking. By linking scientific thinking with practice-relevant issues, especially from AI, the disciplines of technology, design and business are brought together and taught and researched in a new light. Critical reflection, creativity, scientific work and a solution-oriented approach are central elements.

    The topic of AI plays an important role in many different research areas and is thought in an interdisciplinary way. The use of AI in different application scenarios such as interior design, digital manufacturing or HRM is being analyzed. Complementary topics such as AR or VR, as well as specific AI topics such as intelligent algorithms and AI-based simulations, can be found as methods or research objects in all subject areas and experience interdisciplinary characteristics. This also applies to cooperations with companies and spin-offs.


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AI affine Departments

  • School of Engineering (1)

    • Institute for Spatial Information and Surveying Technology (i3mainz)

  • School of Business

  • School of Design

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