AI Science to Business Matchmaking

    Do you work in business and are you looking for researchers from Rhineland-Palatinate to support you in your AI project? In the Science to Business AI Matchmaking, select from the list below the item from the field of ​​applied AI research that best suits your AI project. If you would like to search for fields from basic research in the AI ​​domain, we recommend the AI Science to Science Matchmaking.

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    Smart Assistant Systems
        Human-Machine Interaction
        Home Assisted Living, Ambient Assisted Living
        Virtual Assistants
        Predictive Analysis
        Predictive Maintenance (PM)
        Wearable AI
        Smart Service Engineering
        Cognitive Assistance Systems
        Digital Twins
        Smart Grid
        Connected Driving
        Digital Medicine
        Digital Farming
        Smart Production
        Biotechnology (Biotech)
    Autonomous Systems
        Smart Automation
        Autonomous Connected Driving
        Autonomous Commercial Vehicles
        Autonomous Flying
        Autonomous Work
        Smart Mobility
        Biologically Motivated Robots
        Humanoid Robots
        Semi-Autonomous Robots
        Industrial Robots
        Medical Robots
        Service Robots
        Micro-, Nanorobots
    Language and Text Comprehension
        Natural Language Processing (NLP)
        Speech Recognition
        Sentiment Detection
        Natural Language Generation
    Image Recognition and Understanding
        Face Recognition
        Text Recognition
        Image Generation
    Perception and Sensor Fusion
        Non-Destructive Testing
        Smart Materials, Hybrid Materials
        Materials Research
    Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR)
        Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
        Assistance Systems at the Workplace
    Information Retrieval (Knowledge / Data Management and Analysis)
        Knowledge Discovery in Databases (Data Mining)
        Smart Data and Knowledge Services
        Decision Support
    Technology Analysis
        Requirements Analysis
            Sociological Aspects
            Correctness, Security and Safety
            Traceability / Explainability
        Technology Assessment
        Initial and Continuing Education