AI Science to Science Matchmaking

    Do you work in science and are you looking for researchers from Rhineland-Palatinate to support you in your AI project? In the Science to Science AI Matchmaking, select from the list below the item from the field of basic AI research that best suits your AI project. If you would like to search for fields from applied research in the AI ​​domain, we recommend the AI Science to Business Matchmaking.

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    Machine Learning (ML)
        Representation Learning
            Contrastive Learning
            Zero-Shot/One-Shot/Few-Shot Learning
            Transfer Learning
            Domain Adaptation
        Self-Supervised Learning
        (Semi) Supervised Learning
            One-Shot Learning (OSL)/ Few-Shot Learning (FSL)
            Support Vector Machine (SVM)
            Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
            Decision Tree
            Gaussian Processes
            Bayesian Neural Networks
            Adversarial Learning
        Reinforcement Learning (RL)
            Model Based
            Model Free
        Unsupervised Learning
            Generative Models
            Clustering Methods
            Self Organizing Maps (SOM)
            Dimensionality Reduction
            Anomaly Detection
            Density Estimation
        Feature Engineering/Feature Extraction
        Evolutionary Algorithms (EA)
            Genetic Algorithms (GA)
            Evolutionary Strategies (ES)
            Genetic Programming (GP)
            Evolutionary Programming (EP)
            Learning Classifier systems (LCS)
    Knowledge-Based Systems
        Cased-Based Reasoning (CBR)
        Nonmonotonic Reasoning
        Logical Programming
        Action and Planning
        Agent Systems
        Control and Drive Technology
        Control Algorithms
        Simulation Technology
        Sensory Acquisition and Perception
        Collaborative Robot Systems
        Human-Robot Collaboration
    Technology Analysis
        Social and Legal Framework
            Ethical Aspects
            Sociological Aspects
            Economic Effects
            Social Justice Aspects
            Legal Aspects: Regulation, Transparency, Liability, Copyright
        Specific Functionality
            Human-AI Interaction