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Quick Overview

  • The Degree Program contains References to AI Methods.

    Type:Degree Program (University of Applied Sciences)
    Degree:Bachelor (B.Sc.)
    Standard Period of Study:6 Semester
    Credit Points:180 ECTS
    Languages of Instruction:English, German
    Time Exposure:full time
    Study Type:Presence Study
    Start of Studies:Winter and Summer semester

Information about the Content

  • A business administration bachelor's degree program at Mainz University of Applied Sciences allows you to  get a well-founded understanding of classic business administration and at the same time have the opportunity to specialize in the higher semesters.
    The range of required modules in the bachelor's degree in Business Administration is varied: 

    Finance & Accounting: The business foundation for success
    Accounting is used to record, monitor and evaluate all business management activities. You will gain a systematic, application-oriented overview of the most important methods and instruments of business finance.

    Human Resource Management: People power
    The staff are among the central pillars of every company. You will gain insight into the operational areas of HR management and organization and become familiar with the most important functions and structural areas of HR management in organizations.

    Management: The corporate compass
    Corporate management, strategic and international management, business planning and general business administration – these are the topics you will tackle in Management.

    Marketing: Putting the focus on the customer
    Innovation, the digital world, an international outlook, and brand and customer behavior are particular key areas in marketing studies at the School of Business. You will learn the role of marketing in a company together with the decisive application of the instruments in the marketing module.

    Materials Management, Logistics & Production: The operational input 
    In the area of materials management, logistics & production, the focus is on advanced developments and their impact on operational performance. Practical examples establish the relation to IT in a company, to business models and to competitive strategies.

    Mathematics & Statistics: Working with numbers
    With the classes in mathematics and statistics, you will acquire basic knowledge that you can apply directly within your business studies. You will acquire the ability to formulate and solve business management problems using mathematical and statistical methods.

    Methodology: The academic tools
    In the first semester, the module Methodology, Systematics, Presentation (MSP) teaches knowledge and skills for working academically. The focus here is on research, text editing, formulation, structuring and correct citation. As a result, you will be ideally prepared for your further studies as well as taking away a great deal in terms of methodology. 

    Taxes: Basic knowledge is a must
    In the bachelor's degree in Business Administration, you have the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge of financial and tax policy issues. With your newly obtained knowledge, you will be able to navigate the main types of business taxes, handle simple tasks, and know about obligations and rights in the taxation process.

    Economics: The big picture
    Economics deals with the study and explanation of macroeconomic relationships. Along with the empirical description of the status quo, explanatory approaches using (models) theory are also taught here and possible solutions to problems are worked out.

    Business Law: Combining legal and business perspectives
    Business law encompasses the entirety of legal provisions that regulate the legal relationships of organizations and individuals involved in the business world. In the bachelor's degree in Business Administration, you will learn the basics of contract and business law.

    Information Systems: Looking beyond the horizon
    In the Project Management, Companies & ICT and Digital Economy modules, you will learn the basics of information systems which are important for the professional use of IT solutions in business.

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    Betriebswirtschaftslehre (B.Sc.) - Mainz University of Applied Sciences