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  • The Degree Program contains References to AI Methods.

    Type:Degree Program (University of Applied Sciences)
    Degree:Bachelor (B.Sc.)
    Standard Period of Study:8 Semester
    Credit Points:180 ECTS
    Languages of Instruction:English, German
    Time Exposure:dual
    Study Type:Presence Study
    Start of Studies:Winter semester

Information about the Content

  • Today, digital media and information technology play an important role in almost every company. Digital media is produced because websites and social media pages are offered. And every company uses information technology, for example, to develop apps, use internet services and standard software, and operate online shops. It is precisely these aspects and the field where they intersect that our degree program has been bringing together since 2011: Media, IT & Management.

    Digital Media Management focuses on the conception, production and marketing of digital media. In all three steps, business management, technical and design skills are equally required. The degree program aims at the development and, in particular, the integrative combination of these competences. Business economists develop strategies and marketing concepts for media products (logical view), media designers design the user interface and the information architecture (external view), application developers program the corresponding software applications, system integrators administer hardware and software (internal view).

    Dual degree programs combine career entry with studies. You will acquire both a university degree at the university and a qualification in a vocational occupation. In addition to students combining studies and vocational training, the degree program is also open to students combining their studies with their jobs, who then work at their companies from Monday to Thursday and want to further qualify themselves in a degree program on Fridays and Saturdays and prepare themselves for future management tasks.

    By learning specialist, methodological and social skills in the fields of media, information technology and management in the Media, IT & Management degree program, you earn the qualification of Digital Media Manager.  In the field of digital media expertise, the focus is on media design - digital & print and media design - image & sound. You will become familiar with the handling of relevant media systems. The field of information technology broadens your knowledge of programming and big data. The field of management offers business administration content such as project management, marketing and corporate management.

    The program is rounded off by the reinforcement of the key skills as well as the imparting of a vocational field-related methodological expertise, which prepares you for cooperation and your first management tasks in projects, teams or departments in the media and IT environment.

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    Digital Media (B.Sc.) - Dual - Mainz University of Applied Sciences