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  • The awareness of the great importance of data and its potential for future developments has prevailed in all economic sectors, institutions and disciplines in recent years. In the course of this development, the new scientific field of Data Science has emerged from computer science, mathematics and statistics. One of its main foundations is artificial intelligence (AI), or more precisely, machine learning, which makes it possible to identify patterns and structures in ever larger and often high-dimensional data and to make them usable.

    In the Department of Computer Science at the main campus of Trier University of Applied Sciences, the KI Rollout project (funded by the BMBF (90%) and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate (10%)) implements a bundle of coordinated actions and the qualification of future academic specialists in the field of AI and the use of AI technologies in higher education. The guiding idea in all measures is to pair AI-specific methodological competencies with application-specific competencies or participants of the target group in such a way that a knowledge transfer is directly established in both directions. Thus, students of computer science supplement their spectrum of competencies with new application areas and, at the same time, students and teachers of other disciplines gain well-founded access to new and important technologies in their respective subjects. At the same time, teaching, lecturers and administrative institutions are supported by various AI activities in such a way that they can focus more on their core tasks. These activities are designed to be open and target group-oriented and take into account the different prerequisites of the participants.

    In addition, based on the development described above, the Department of Computer Science has set up its own master's degree program in "Artificial Intelligence and Data Science".


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