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    The research group led by Sophie Fellenz focuses on the field of machine learning, with a particular emphasis on methods for data generation. This includes techniques that are capable of producing different types of data, such as text, time series, or other formats.
    In particular, the group explores the generation of text using extensive language models. In this context, Fellenz's team investigates how the style and content of a text can be deliberately manipulated, altered, and objectively evaluated. Another area of research for the group involves the analysis of large volumes of text. For this purpose, topic models are used, which make it possible to systematically analyze and structure the content of extensive text collections.
    A specific application area for Fellenz's research and her team is in chemical process engineering. Here, they focus, for example, on chemical processes in which various substances are synthesized. These processes are continuously monitored by a wide array of sensors. The extensive data sets resulting from this monitoring are used to create precise forecasts, which can contribute to increasing the efficiency and safety of chemical production.


    University of Kaiserslautern-Landau
    Department of Computer Science
    Machine Learning Group JP
    RPTU Campus Kaiserslautern, Machine Learning Group
    Building 36, Room 325
    67663 Kaiserslautern
    0631 205 2635, 0631 205 3286

Leading Researchers

Special Expertise

  • Basic Research

    • Machine Learning (ML): Self-Supervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning (RL), Unsupervised Learning, Feature Engineering/Feature Extraction
    • Technology Analysis: Sociological Aspects, Human-AI Interaction

  • Application related Research

    • Smart Assistant Systems: Virtual Assistants, Digital Medicine, Smart Production, Biotechnology (Biotech)
    • Autonomous Systems: Bots
    • Language and Text Comprehension
    • Image Recognition and Understanding: Text Recognition
    • Technology Analysis: Sociological Aspects, Technology Assessment

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