Prof. Dr. Stefan Naumann

  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Naumann

    Prof. Dr. Stefan Naumann teaches computer science/mathematics/environmental and sustainability informatics at Trier University of Applied Sciences since 2008 and conducts research in the areas of Green IT, Green by IT and Green Software with a focus in Artificial Intelligence. He has served on the Expert Council for the Environmental Digital Agenda of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, is co-initiator of workshop series such as "Artificial Intelligence in Environmental Informatics" and "Energy Aware Software Engineering" and is spokesman for the Environmental Informatics Section of the German Informatics Society. He has published over 100 relevant papers and has led numerous research projects in the area of Green Software and Green IT. Most recently, he was significantly involved in the development of the "Blue Angel for Software Products".


Application related Research

  • Prof. Dr Stefan Naumann's research focuses on environmental informatics and the question of how the energy and resource efficiency of software can be measured and improved.

Activities as a Reviewer

  • Among others Environmental Informatics, IEEE, Federal Department of Economics.

Existing Memberships

  • Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI).

Special Expertise

  • Basic Research

    • Machine Learning (ML): Representation Learning, Transfer Learning, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Reinforcement Learning (RL), Unsupervised Learning
    • Knowledge-Based Systems: Action and Planning

  • Application related Research

    • Smart Assistant Systems: Human-Machine Interaction, Virtual Assistants, Predictive Analysis, Predictive Maintenance (PM), Smart Production
    • Technology Analysis: Technology Assessment