Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen

  • Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen is a Professor of Renewable Energy at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld of the Trier University of Applied Sciences and is responsible for the bachelor degree program "Renewable Energies (B. Sc.)". His research focuses on energy model development, quality assurance of renewable energy systems, and energy and resource efficiency. Since January 2019, Prof. te Heesen is a member of the board of the environmental technology network Ecoliance Rheinland-Pfalz e. V. and since April 2021, he is director of the Institute for Business and Technology Management (IBT) at the Environmental Campus. Prof. te Heesen is the author of various publications on energy model development, yield analysis, and optimization of PV systems.


Application related Research

  • The research in Prof. te Heesen's Renewable Energy Laboratory is integrated into the research focus "Intelligent Technologies for Sustainable Development (ITNE)" at Trier University of Applied Sciences. The fields of work focus on energy efficient systems (EES) and environmentally sound production processes (EIA). In the research area of energy systems engineering, which belongs to the working field "energy efficient systems (EES)" in the research focus ITNE at Trier University of Applied Sciences, scientific questions concerning the use of renewable and highly efficient energy systems (photovoltaics, wind energy, combined heat, and power plants, etc.) as well as sector coupling are dealt with. Sector coupling is an essential building block in the energy turnaround to achieve national and global climate goals. The models developed represent energy clusters of different sizes to simulate energy generation and consumption in the three sectors of electricity, heat, and transportation on a balance sheet basis or with high temporal resolution. From this, expansion and development scenarios can be derived to identify paths of action.

Activities as a Reviewer

  • Reviewer for the scientific journals Energies, Sustainability, Renewable Energy

Existing Memberships

    • Ecoliance Rheinland-Pfalz e. V.
    • Scientists 4 Future

Received Awards, Prizes, Honors

  • Teaching Award of Trier University of Applied Sciences 2018