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Quick Overview

  • The Degree Program contains References to AI Methods.

    Type:Degree Program (University)
    Degree:Master (M.Sc.)
    Standard Period of Study:4 Semester
    Credit Points:120 ECTS
    Languages of Instruction:English, German
    Time Exposure:full time
    Study Type:Presence Study
    Start of Studies:Winter semester

Information about the Content

  • The international Master’s program in Web and Data Science is the first of its kind in Germany. It aims at students who want to increase their scientific expertise, qualify for leading positions and develop their personal capabilities after a successful Bachelor’s degree.

    Therefore, besides expanding the students’ knowledge, the program facilitates independace as well as the ability to judge and to make decisions.

    It puts a strong emphasis on computer science in order to impart foundational knowledge about the structure of the Web and techniques for analyzing the Web and changes on the Web. For the analysis of the Web, interdisciplinary research is necessary in order to understand users, their behavior and interaction with other users on the Web. The program is mainly conducted in English, but some elective courses can be taken in German.

    The Master’s degree in Web and Data Science enables students to pursue a PhD. Graduates who want to enter professional life have excellent job opportunities.

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    Web and Data Science (M.Sc.) - Universität Koblenz