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Quick Overview

  • The Degree Program contains References to AI Methods.

    Type:Degree Program (University of Applied Sciences)
    Degree:Bachelor (B.Sc.)
    Standard Period of Study:6 Semester
    Credit Points:180 ECTS
    Languages of Instruction:English, German
    Time Exposure:dual
    Study Type:Presence Study
    Start of Studies:Winter semester

Information about the Content

  • Digitization, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, the internet of things, virtual realities: All of these are influencing our life at present, and will continue to do so in the near future in a fundamental way. 

    Would you like to help shape these technological trends that are radically transforming our lives in ever shorter cycles? The degree program Applied Informatics dual (Public Service) takes this change into account and offers a broad and attractive range of courses: The degree program provides interesting insights into fundamental topics such as programming and databases, as well as selected, in-depth specializations such as IT security and intelligent systems. Parallel to your studies, you acquire the qualification as a Computer Scientist in Public Administration/Public Informatics at a cooperating public authority as part of the training in your career track in the entry level of the third service class (civil servant in Higher Intermediate Service). While you are still studying, you can put what you have learned into practice at the respective authority or on the university level.

    For this degree program, you must first apply to a cooperating partner of the university. You can find information on the application and selection process and on our current cooperation partners at (only available in German).

    You can also access information there on the attractive financial incentives offered by our cooperation partners. 

    Our current cooperation partners are:

    • Deutsche Bundesbank (German Central Bank)   
    • Hochschule der Polizei Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate Police University / State Police Academy)   
    • Landesbetrieb Daten und Information Rheinland-Pfalz (LDI) (State Office for Data and Information)   
    • Landeskriminalamt Rheinland Pfalz (State Office of Criminal Investigation)   
    • Polizeipräsidium Mainz (Mainz Police Headquarters)   
    • Polizeipräsidium Einsatz, Logistik und Technik in Mainz (Police Headquarters Operation, Logistics and Technology in Mainz)

    Additional Information:
    Angewandte Informatik (B.Sc.) - Dual (Öffentlicher Dienst) - Mainz University of Applied Sciences