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    Science and Innovation Alliance Kaiserslautern (SIAK) is the leading network in Kaiserslautern for the digital and sustainable transformation, transfer of innovation, and interdisciplinary cutting-edge research. With the Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität Kaiserslautern Landau, Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences, the Kaiserslautern research institutes (e.g., Fraunhofer IESE or ITWM and DFKI), and several regional high-tech companies (e.g., Empolis or Insiders Technologies), our members and network partners include numerous organizations with nationally and internationally renowned AI expertise. Our members from science and industry operating in the AI field are networked within the framework of our SIAK Platform AI. Its goal is to transfer the AI competencies of the members from science to our industry members and vice versa. Thus, the platform aims at initiating joint projects between members from science and companies that are already active in the field of AI, and at offering low-threshold information to companies that are not yet active in the field. The platform should also provide information about activities and business models of the platform members in the field of AI. 


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