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    The AI ​​Alliance Rhineland-Palatinate is an association of universities and universities of applied sciences (HAW) in Rhineland-Palatinate and strengthens the regional and national positioning of competencies in artificial intelligence (AI). It increases the visibility of the topic regionally, nationally and internationally by intensifying and supporting the cooperation and exchange of universities in the state.

    The KI-Allianz organizes events as well as panels or public colloquia to provide information on current cutting-edge research and to exchange and discuss with business and society.

    The AI ​​Alliance acts as a platform for supra-regional cooperation between universities and non-university research institutions and serves the exchange of and with scientists to accelerate knowledge transfer in business and society.


    Project Office AI Alliance Rhineland-Palatinate, RPTU
    67663 Kaiserslautern
    0631 205 3356

    Project Office AI Alliance Rhineland-Palatinate, JGU
    Staudingerweg 9
    55128 Mainz
    06131 3921635