Abteilung Transfer University of Applied Sciences Koblenz

  • The research and transfer services at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences on AI are currently taking place primarily in the application area of medicine, biotechnology and healthcare; the focus area of AI in the industrial environment is being established. For example, a high-performance AI computing cluster with a high degree of data security will be established at the university of Applied Sciences by the beginning of 2024. Together with the University of Koblenz, a research college was acquired by the federal state at the end of 2022. Its focus is on data-driven support for clinical decision-making and patient monitoring ("Data2Health": trustworthy data analyses for the healthcare system). This involves both concrete AI methods for clinical decision support and novel approaches to data transmission and provision in medical facilities. 

    A large part of the AI activities at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences is represented in the interdisciplinary research priority "Data-driven systems" on the HRK research map. The scientists working in this area use AI-supported applications to examine biological, technical, economic and social systems and pursue a holistic, data-driven approach in their work, from the acquisition, transmission, modelling and analysis of data to its influence on processes and decisions.

    Knowledge and idea transfer also takes place at the university's RheinAhrCampus within the research area Biomedical Data Science in interdisciplinary research projects, funded by the DFG among others. Currently, new AI degree programmes up to the master's degree level are also being established there, which are scheduled to start in 2024. 


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