Prof. Dr. Katharina A. Zweig

  • Professor Zweig works on making algorithmic decision making systems accountable. This includes a responsible development of AI systems and an accountable usage of them in a given social process. Professor Zweig heads the unique field of study called “Socioinformatics” at TU Kaiserslautern which is concerned with modeling complex systems consisting of software and persons. She is a bestseller author and received multiple awards for her teaching and science communication. Since 2021, she is AI ambassador of Rhineland-Palatian.


Basic Research

  • The group analyzes how to ensure the quality of data science projects.

Application related Research

  • We support companies and the government, to develop accountable AI systems and to use them in an accountable way.

Received Awards, Prizes, Honors

    • 2013 Junior-Fellow of the Gesellschaft für Informatik
    • 2014 „Digitaler Kopf“, awarded by BMBF and the Gesellschaft für Informatik.
    • 2017 Ars legendi-Fakultätenpreis (Ingenieurwissenschaften und Informatik)
    • 2018 Theodor-Heuss-Medaille (together with the other founders of AlgorithmWatch)
    • 2019 Communicator-Preis of the DFG
    • 2020 Ernennung zum KI-Botschafter des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz
    • 2021 Abt Jerusalem Preis

Special Expertise

  • Basic Research

    • Technology Analysis: Social and Legal Framework, Ethical Aspects, Sociological Aspects, Social Justice Aspects, Legal Aspects: Regulation, Transparency, Liability, Copyright

  • Application related Research

    • Smart Assistant Systems: Predictive Analysis
    • Information Retrieval (Knowledge / Data Management and Analysis): Decision Support
    • Technology Analysis: Requirements Analysis, Sociological Aspects, Validation, Non-Discrimination, Correctness, Security and Safety, Traceability / Explainability, Technology Assessment, Initial and Continuing Education

AI Research Projects