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Quick Overview

  • The Degree Program contains References to AI Methods.

    Type:Degree Program (University)
    Degree:Master (M.Sc.)
    Standard Period of Study:4 Semester
    Credit Points:120 ECTS
    Languages of Instruction:English, German
    Time Exposure:full time
    Study Type:Presence Study
    Start of Studies:Winter and Summer semester

Information about the Content

  • The two-year Master's programme Mathematics International is a scientific-research-oriented degree programme, which is oriented to the needs of the international higher education market. The study programme is strongly international; in particular it includes a compulsory semester abroad (unless the previous university degree qualifying for admission has already been obtained outside Germany). 

    It is not necessary to take a non-mathematical minor subject: Instead of the usually obligatory non-mathematical (minor) subject, we offer in-depth study in the chosen specialisation as well as the acquisition of further key skills (e.g. language, international experience).    

    The programme builds on the knowledge acquired in the Bachelor's degree programme in mathematics at TU Kaiserslautern. On the one hand, the study programme focuses on a broad mathematical education, in which students become acquainted with a wide range of modern mathematical methods, and their ability to recognise connections and compare structures is promoted. On the other hand, students are introduced to current mathematical research in their chosen field of study. 

    Under the chosen specialisation subject 24 - 28 Credit Points (CP) must be completed by attending advanced lecture courses, 12 CP must be completed under guided independent study (Reading Course) and at least one of the two seminars (3 CP each), as well as the master's thesis (30 CP) must fall under the specialisation subject. In addition, the curriculum includes courses in the range of 24 - 27 CP in applied mathematics, 18 - 21 CP in pure mathematics and 6 - 8 CP in a non-mathematical optional subject.

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    Mathematics International (M.Sc.) - University of Kaiserslautern-Landau (RPTU)